About Us...

I began making soap for myself because of my VERY sensitive skin. I wanted an affordable product that was made from natural, organic and wild-harvested ingredients. My background in Chemistry and Biology helped tremendously. In addition, I studied all about plants and herbs.Once I had a product that worked well for my skin - I shared it with my friends and family. They loved the soaps!

Before long I was selling them at our local Farmers Market. That's where other family members joined in. For those of you who have met us at the Farmers Market you will know my husband, Jim, and grandson, Joe. My son and his wife helped out before they moved out of state. Other family members have helped out from time to time when needed.

Our "Soap" Business has grown to include Hand & Body Creams, Body Butters, Body Mousse, Liquid Soaps and our very popular Solid Stick Lotions and Soothers.

We love adding organic fruits and vegetables (from local farmers) to our products; infused herbs and teas have reported therapeutic properties of their own. We generally add Pure Essential Oils (from plants and herbs) for the lovely scents. However, if we use a fragrance oil (like a Pear) it will be duly noted on the label. We use Honey in a few of our products. Honey is a natural emollient and is reported to be anti-bacterial - it will be noted on our labels.

Note: A percentage of our profits goes to charities of our choice.

Your friends in Florida.